About Us

About Elba

Hi, I am Elba, the coffee roaster. I grew up in El Salvador on a small coffee farm that belonged to my step-grandfather. From an early age, I learned how to harvest coffee and watch my cousins roast and brew the coffee beans. I picked ripe coffee beans off of their branches when the season was just right.

These experiences helped me understand the process that goes into making the coffee that we all know and love.

After starting a family of my own in Canada, I returned to El Salvador with my youngest daughter to show her where I grew up.

I saw how the surrounding villages still experience daily life in poverty and I wanted to do something to help.

Now I roast Central-American coffee beans as a way to give back to the coffee pickers while providing a fresh source of quality coffee.

Roasting Coffee the Old Fashioned Way
Elba and Valerie Visit Temples in El Salvador
Costa Rican Coffee

About 'Coffee Mike'

Hi, I'm Mike, Elba's son. You may have come across me selling coffee around Montreal. I'm half Salvadoreno and French-Canadian. I grew up in three cities; Montreal, Toronto and Raleigh, North Carolina. Given my common first name, I go by the easier-to-remember 'Coffee Mike' moniker. It's my job to promulgate Cafe Elba wherever I go and help realize my mother's dream.


We Thank You for Your Support!

Every single bag you purchase helps Elba's vision come true. The proceeds really do make a difference. This is our personal mission, and we thank you for trusting in us and taking part in our success.