Costa Rican Tarrazu Coffee


The Tarrazu region is the marquis coffee growing region of Costa Rica, featuring some of the best soils and highest altitudes in the country. The altitude ranges from 1,200 – 1,800 meters above sea level and the soils are full of volcanic loam…ingredients that make this a world-famous coffee.

Coffee from this region is fully washed and drum dried, giving the coffee it’s characteristic ‘clean cup’, which means that it is free of any defects that might lessen the flavor in any way.

The word Tarrazu derives from the language of the ancient Huetar indigenous peoples. I could not find out what it means. Our graphic artists used artwork from the Bribri indigenous peoples of eastern Costa Rica for inspiration when designing the label on this bag.

Elba’s Flavor Profile DescriptionSilky Body & Elegant Taste


My wife and I have been buying our coffee from Café Elba for a few years now. We discovered it at a local market in Glengarry. We had been sourcing our coffee from a reputable, fair-trade importer for over a decade but when we discovered Elba’s coffee, we switched. We’ve tried her whole selection and have pretty much settled on the Costa Rica Tarrazu as our favourite, although the ‘Mélange à trois’ is quite a tasty blend as well.

What we love about Elba’s coffee, apart from its exceptional flavor and freshness, is that her business is local and offers a high-quality product with personalized service, by someone who knows and cares about both the coffee and the folks who grow and pick the beans. And it is absolutely delicious!”

– David from North Glengarry

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