El Salvador Diamante Coffee


El Salvador’s diamond in the rough. Diamante coffee is grown in the western provinces of El Salvador, on many coffee plantations straddling the Ilamatepec volcano.  The coffee is grown at altitudes around 1,300 meters above sea level.

Coffee from this region is fully washed and sun dried, giving the coffee it’s characteristic ‘smooth’ cup. This is the perfect coffee to drink without milk or sugar, due to its natural sweetness.

Our graphic artist used Nahua artwork as inspiration when designing the label on this bag. The Nahua (otherwise known as ‘Pipil’ or ‘Cuzcatlecs’) are the largest remaining indigenous group of El Salvador.

Elba’s Flavor Profile Description: Delicate Aroma & Sweet Flavor


We love “Café Elba” coffee because each pound is roasted to our taste, Elba is friendly and knowledgeable, we can see photos of the growing coffee, the drying beans and other sights from El Salvador and Nicaragua, and the coffee is very reasonably priced for such freshness and quality.

– Stephanie from Greenfield

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