Espresso El Cortador Coffee

Espresso El Cortador is Elba’s strongest blend, best suited for espresso shots. It is the only coffee where she offers two different roast levels: Medium Dark Roast & Dark Roast. If you use an espresso machine, this is the coffee to try. The dark roast is for those who like a very strong and almost smokey feel to their brew.

Elba named this coffee ‘El Cortador’, which translates literally to ‘the cutter’, but when spoken in Central America, means ‘the coffee picker’.

Elba’s Flavor Profile Description: Robust Complex Premium Blend

“I have been drinking Elba’s coffee for the past year and haven’t bought another brand since. I am fussy when it comes to coffee and hers meets all the criteria I am looking for. 

I also like knowing where it comes from and that there’s nothing else in it. So far I’ve tried her dark and medium roasts and they are all very good.”

– Debbie from Lancaster, Ontario

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