Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is your default roast level?

Our default roast is what we call ‘medium-dark’. The coffee is a dark brown color. We offer a darker (almost black) roast for our Espresso coffee blend only. We use the terms ‘medium-dark roast’ and ‘dark roast’ to keep it simple. There are so many names for roast levels out there (vienna roast, italian roast, french roast, full city, etc) which mean different things to different people, which can only cause confusion.

Where is your cafe located?

We don’t have a physical cafe location yet (as of Summer 2018). Cafe means coffee in Spanish (not necessarily a coffeehouse), so Cafe Elba can be translated as Elba’s Coffee. We hope to open a cafe in the near future.

What about Customs Fees and Import Taxes?

Duties and taxes may be charged on certain items and vary by country. All custom duties and import taxes are paid by the customer.

What’s your return policy?

If you’re not happy with our coffee, let us know at We’ll work something out to your satisfaction.

Where do we roast our coffee?

Elba roasts her coffee in a small town called Bainsville in Ontario, just after the Ontario-Quebec border. However the roasting location is not yet open to visitors.

When does Elba roast coffee?

Elba roasts coffee multiple times during the week, so your order is always fresh!