Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee


The Huehuetenango province in north-Western Guatemala is famous for producing some of the best coffee in the world. It is the largest of the eight coffee growing regions in Guatemala and produces coffee at some of the highest altitudes in the world…as high as 4,260 feet above sea level. The coffees at this altitude are protected from frost due to the dry and hot winds coming from the mountains of Mexico’s southern border.

Our graphic artist used Mayan art as an inspiration when designing the labels of this bag. The word Huehuetanango derives from one of the Mayan languages and means ‘land of the ancients‘. There are over 3 millions Mayans in Guatemala, belonging to 21 separate ethnic groups.

Elba’s Flavor Profile Description: Strong, Complex & Full-Bodied


“I first tried Elba’s beans in 2012 from the Chesterville Farmer’s Market and we were hooked. I had never had coffee freshly ground from the bean but my husband had. He tried many kinds from all over the world and by far he explained these were the best… even chewing a bean he said they were roasted to perfection. We have never looked back.

It’s one of those: Hmm, you’ve got to try it once in your lifetime. I guarantee you won’t look back.”

 – Lynn and Gary from Chesterville, Ontario

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