Melange de Trois Coffee

Melange de Trois is Elba’s most popular coffee blend. She uses coffee beans from three Central American countries and roasts them to produce a strong coffee with a long aftertaste.

Elba’s Flavor Profile Description: Full-Bodied Premium Blend


“Since we met you 3 years ago at our cities’ farmers market and tasted your amazing coffee we have been fortunate to be able to continue getting a regular delivery of our preferred coffee. Our way of brewing our coffee is through a Bodum which is a French press so we get a coarser grind suitable for our press. Each time we have a coffee outside our home that is not your Cafe Sol y Mar “melange a trios” we just don’t enjoy it. We can’t tell you just how much enjoyment we get from Cafe Elba.

Thank you so much for your good service!”

– Louise & Sammy from Cote St-Luc

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