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Buying coffee from Elba may just be the closest you can get to supporting the coffee picker!

What makes coffee from these lands unique? What is it about Central American coffee that stands out as some of the best coffee in the world?

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Our Donation in El Salvador

Drinking our coffee means you're directly improving the lives of coffee pickers and their families. Your purchase changes lives! Watch our video below.

The Life of Coffee Pickers

Poor and Indigenous

In order to understand power and wealth distribution in Central America, we must look to the coffee industry. Specifically, we should first identify who profits and who doesn’t. Who are the coffee pickers, and what is their history?

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A Day In The Life

The day begins at the break of dawn, usually around 5:00 am, but sometimes earlier. If the family is lucky enough to have a shower pit, they take a cold shower with buckets of water.

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At The Heart of What We Do

Elba travels to Central American countries to find out how the coffee pickers are living, and to use some of the profits from her business to help people in small, but tangible ways.

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